Burger Binge

I ate way too many burgers this week, so you don’t have to.


by Meghan Baker, Photo Editor

Hey everyone! This weekend I really pushed by body to its limit by trying three different popular burger restaurants in KC. Take a look to see what I ordered and how I ranked each of them according to taste!

#1 Ollie’s Local

What I got: The Ollie Burger

I’m really not trying to be over dramatic when I say this, but this burger is one of the best I’ve ever had. The bun was buttered and toasted to perfection. The lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and pickles were all fresh as could be. Even the fried tomatoes, which I added, tasted like they were meant for this burger. Complemented by the cheddar cheese, the perfectly seasoned patty is what truly made this burger my favorite. 

#2 Westport Flea Market

What I got: Flea Market Burger

The Westport Flea Market is a Kansas City staple and if you haven’t been you’re missing out. This time, I kept it simple and ordered the Flea Market Burger. This ten ounce burger is consistently cooked to perfection and never fails to impress. I added Swiss cheese, tomatoes, onions and pickles to increase this burgers tastiness. The insane amount of curly fries served with each meal is also an added bonus. 

#3 Max’s Burgers and Gyros

What I got: Bigmax Double

Not only does this place feel like a vintage diner, it is also extremely cheap for such a good burger. After getting the Bigmax Double and adding lettuce, pickles, onions and American cheese, I only ended up paying seven dollars. If you’re ever looking for a quick, cheap burger and a cool place to hang out with friends, this is your place!