Life According to the Middle Child: Introduction

Welcome to my blog, I’m excited to share my life with you!


by Kate Jones, Multimedia Editor

Welcome to “Life According to the Middle Child.” This blog is basically going to be a time capsule for my life at the moment. I feel like my life is going 1,000,000 miles a minute and I want this blog to help me take the time to slow down and remember to take everything in as it happens; especially because it is my final year at STA.

My name is Kate Jones and I am a senior here at the Academy. There are a few things that you need to know about me before I take you on my journey through senior year. I’m the middle sister (hence the title of this blog), I’m a huge mess, I’m very outspoken, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE STA. Also I tend to ramble a lot so my apologies if these posts are super long. My sense of humor is very strange and sometimes (often) I laugh at a joke for literally five minutes that no one else thinks is funny. I make a lot of noise… and when I’m stressed I tend to make large movements with my body parts, so if you ever see someone flailing their arms around in the hallways while grunting that is probably me either going through through an existential crisis (thanks Contemporary Theology) or freaking out about college.

On this blog I’m going to share with you, my readers, my DEEPEST DARKEST SECRETS. Okay that’s a lie, if anyone reading this knows me they can attest that I cannot keep a secret for the life of me, therefore I have none. However, I am going to tell you what makes me: happy, sad, frustrated, angry and everything else in between. Also I’ll probably tell occasional embarrassing moments in my life because I definitely have a lot. Something that I’m truly passionate about in life is being your true self. Over my first few years of high school I definitely tried to be someone that I’m not; now something I cherish more than anything else in this world is authenticity. If you were to get anything from these posts it would be to not be afraid what people perceive you as because if they don’t like you for how you really are then they don’t deserve you.



Nicknames- Baddie Jones and Kategis – this will probably be it’s own blog post


  1. Making Videos (#multimedia editor)
  2. Singing (even though I’m horrible at it)
  3. Watching Disney Channel original movies
  4. Playing the game Ballz
  5. Going to concerts
  6. Making Spotify playlists
  7. Listening to podcasts
  8. SHOPPING (I have a serious shopping problem)
  9. Starting a new show on Netflix and stopping after two seasons because I get bored easily

Job- I personally think that I have the best job in the world, I get to label soap at Indigo Wild. (The company that makes Zum Soap)

Family – Two sisters: Bridget Jones ), she graduated in 2015. Tess is my younger sister and she is a Freshman. My parents are librarians so they are what you would call giant #NERDS and that’s a huge compliment. I love my family so much and I cherish (almost) every moment we spend together


P.s. There is a lot more about me but I feel like I have written too much so I will save it for another post.


See Yah in PE (comment if you get my reference) Love,