Liz Elm: Insta-famous sophomore

Liz Elm has gained thousands of followers on Instagram for her art account.

by Lucy Whittaker and Sophie Sakoulas

story by Lucy Whittaker

Q: What first got you into art?

A: Definitely cartoons, and I went to Disneyland a lot living in California so I watched a lot of Disney movies. I always really wanted to be an animator and work on those movies, because I think it’s really cool.

Q: What is your style of art?

A: That’s hard because everyone has a different style. It’s kind of sketchy, really expressive. I obviously focus more on animals; it’s all I showcase on my accounts. I really like loose lines, quick, I guess.

Q: How many followers do you have?

A: Right now [I have] about 8,200 followers on my new account, but on my old account it was around 19,000. I created a new account because a lot of my followers weren’t active. People would also see the number and not the person and think I didn’t read the comments [so they] would really insult me or my art. I don’t let it get to me, I just thought it was annoying.

Q: Describe the process of people buying your art.

A: I will make a post saying commissions are open with a specific thing I’m selling, or sometimes they’ll come to me with something they want, like a character. Then they direct message me, and I’ll give them a quote and then they’ll pay over PayPal. Sometime in the next three days or so I’ll draw whatever they want and I’ll put it up on my account and usually they’re satisfied – if not I’ll go back and change it.

Q: Why don’t you like to tell a lot of people about your account?

A: There is a lot of stuff that I post that I don’t know if I’m comfortable with people I know seeing it. Also, sometimes I’ll share stuff that I don’t know if I want others to know, usually about my depression. I try to keep it upbeat, like you’re not alone in this. I just don’t know if people I know need or want to know this. I don’t really care though, I know that I’m weird.

Q: Why did you create your art account?

A: After I discovered that other people were sharing art on Instagram I thought it was really cool and thought that I should share my own art. It would be something encouraging and motivate me. I also wanted to share it and know that other people appreciate my art.

photos by Sophie Sakoulas