Outside the Tartan: Operation Costume

Last minute, procrastination, whatever you want to call it, always seems too prevalent during this Holiday.

by Catherine Ebbitts, Social Media Editor


Last minute, procrastination, whatever you want to call it, always seems to be prevalent during this holiday. Personally, Halloween isn’t a holiday I look forward too. To me, it interrupts my fall, pumpkin spice vibe and allows randoms to leap forth frightening the living day out of my existence. However, not all of Halloween has be worthless. For once, people are allowed to wear whatever the heck they want with no excuse. In some way, I am proud of this holiday for allowing all prejudice to be put aside, and delighting in the wonder of going door to door asking strangers for food. All this procedure calls for is an outstanding outfit. Only issue. It is October 30. Crap. Allow me to inspire you! In the midst of the mania, I will bring to you a array of DIY costume ideas; fashionista themed that will hopefully stimulate a suggestion. Happy Halloween!

First Look: “Athleisure”

Definition: Athlete + Leisure looks are observed everywhere. Ever heard of jogger pants? Full “Adidas” outfits? Those are a few instances.

Items: Sports jersey, obnoxious sunglasses, large sun hat, and fruity drink. Volia!

Second Look: “Kate Moss”

Definition: Kate Moss was a well known fashion model in the late 80s’ and 90s’ making about 55 million dollars a year. Kendall Jenner who?? Instead of trying to dress up as her, a play on words with her name inspired me.

Items: Slip Dress with “K8” on the front, and fake moss on the hem of the dress. Simple and Original; like Moss herself.

Final Look: “Topshop”

Definition: A British fashion retailer that despite the presumption, sells more than tops.

Items: A shirt with two arrows sticking up, a shopping bag to worn as a skirt: simply cut out the bottom and use the handles as an elastic waistband. Fast and Easy!