Unidentified group throws loaves of bread into advisories

“The Loafers,” an anonymous group of students, have been throwing bread into advisories during announcements over the course of the last week.

One of the mysterious loaves of bread thrown into a classroom by

One of the mysterious loaves of bread thrown into a classroom by “The Loafers”. photo by Mackenzie O’Guin

by Mackenzie O'Guin, Managing Editor of Copy

Last week, an unidentified group assumed the moniker “The Loafers” and threw whole loaves of bread into mid-day advisory meetings. The first incident occurred Thursday in social studies teacher Casey O’Flaherty’s room.

“We were just sitting in advisory during announcements,” O’Flaherty said. “One of my advisees was walking over to the trash can throwing something away when, from the sky, BOOM. Loaf of bread.”

The origin of the bread remains unknown. Unsure of what to do, O’Flaherty reported that students from her advisory then proceeded to “pass it on” by throwing the bread into social studies teacher Patrick Nielsen’s room.

“We didn’t know what it was or what it was for,” Nielsen said. “We didn’t really think much of it.”

The bread remains in Nielsen’s advisory. However, another loaf of bread with the same message was thrown into English teacher Carrie Jacquin’s room during mid-day advisory Friday. Upon receiving the bread, Jacquin stated her advisees also tried to “pass it on” to English teacher Stephen Himes’ advisory, breaking a lamp in the process.

“We tossed it into Mr. Himes’ advisory with some consequences we’re going to have to work out between our two advisories,” Jacquin said. “A lamp was caught in the crossfire.”

Himes declined to comment.

While the act of “passing on” the bread explains the bread thrown into Nielsen and Himes’s advisories, the origins of the loaves tossed into the O’Flaherty and Jacquin advisories are still unknown.