The Dart partners with Class of 2016 to create senior soundtrack

The class of 2016 was asked to submit songs they felt would comprise the soundtrack for their class and their time at STA as a whole.


by Mackenzie O'Guin, Design Editor

What’s your class’s anthem? What track perfectly characterizes your time here at STA? What do you and your sisters jam out to at Teresian, or belt out in your car on the way to an infamous STA-Sion game? What songs will evoke waves of high school nostalgia when you hear them five, ten years from now? What is your class’s soundtrack?

When asked these questions, the Class of 2016 constructed the following playlist. While some submissions had to be cut for various reasons (such as availability on Spotify), the final product is as diverse and entertaining as the senior class itself, hosting everything from High School Musical to Fetty Wap.