Almost Southern: the perfect promposals

Need help asking your date to a dance? I got your back.

Almost Southern: the perfect promposals

by Meredith Mulhern, Staff Writer

Hey kids, welcome back from Easter break. I hope you all stuffed your face with Reese’s eggs and chocolate bunnies. However, now that Easter is over, prom is about to hit us right in the face. The same thing goes for juniors with their junior ring dance. I hope for your sake you have everything figured out, but if not, here are some asking ideas for you and your date. These are also suitable for homecoming for those of you who are gonna be here next year.

The Cliches

The Chik-fil-a one
Get your date a Chik-fil-a meal and make a cute little poster saying, “I’d be happy to be your CHIK at (insert dance name here).” Cheesy, I know, but if you don’t know what else to do this is a safe bet. Everyone likes Chik-fil-a.
The candy board one
I’ve seen this one done multiple times for Spirit Club applications, and it never fails to please. Basically find a ton of candies with names you could make puns out of, make a cute little story line out of said puns, and tah-duh. You have a cute, sweet proposal.
The post-it one
This is where you stick post-it notes all over your date’s car (or house if you’re up for that). Write “prom/teresian/junior ring” on the post-its or write whatever you wanna write with the actual post-its. Your date will probably kind of hate you, but it’ll be fun doing it.
The pizza/wing one
This is where you order pizza and chicken wings and say “I know this is kind of cheesy, but I’m gonna wing it anyway? Prom/Teresian/Junior Ring?” It’s literally and figuratively cheesy, but it’ll get the job done.
Scavenger hunt
This takes a lot of work and a lot of time, but it’s pretty worth it in the end.

Unique ways

Rent a farm animal!
“Will you GOAT to (insert dance here) with me?” ‘Will you go to (insert dance here) with me? Yay or NEIGH” “Let’s go to (insert dance here) together when PIGS fly” Obviously for that one you can’t fly a pig, I would recommend renting a teacup pig and putting butterfly wings on it.
Radio proposals
Hit up Lazlo and Afentra on the Buzz or Rocket and Teresa on 93.3 and ask them to help you out. I’m sure they’d be willing to do it, but I’ve never tried. That’d be a cute way that would also grab a lot of attention.
Snapchat filter
If you’re ~~tech savvy~~ create your own Snapchat filter. I have a friend who had someone at her school do this, and he made a personalized filter that said “Blah Blah will you go to prom with me? From, Blah Blah.” That’s pretty freakin’ cool.
Go to their favorite restaurant and have the employees help you out.
For example, take a trip to Chipotle in advance, ask the employees to write whatever you want on the bowl or burrito your date is going to order, and BAM you’ve got a date. I can almost guarantee the employees will help you because a) working at a restaurant is boring and it’s fun to spice things up and b). They’ll like seeing the reaction.
Kidnap your date
This happened last year where a group of girls kidnapped all of their dates from their specific locations. This could either go really well or really bad. Crossing my fingers for you if you decide to do this.

Ideas that I’ve used/have been used on me and that you are allowed to steal.

I dressed up as Tina Belcher.
As you may know if you watch Bob’s Burgers, Tina is an awkward young teen who always goes to school dances with her neighbor, Jimmy Jr. So, I wrote up a poster that said, “Will you be the Jimmy Jr. to my Tina at Teresian?” I dressed as Tina, wig and all, and brought a cookie cake to my boyfriend.
“It’s a beautiful day to save lives”
My boyfriend asked me to homecoming by dressing up as Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy (aka best show ever) and made a poster that said “It’s a beautiful day to save lives with me at homecoming”. It was cute and kind of cheesy, but I loved it. Going with your dates favorite show as a way to ask is a great and safe bet.
Cookie cake and flowers.
I once got asked to homecoming by my date standing outside my house with a homemade cookie cake and flowers. I nearly had a heart attack when I noticed a person standing in the shadows of my porch, but the cookie cake was dank.
Concert tickets
So my favorite band ever is Fleetwood Mac, and I got asked to Rockhurst junior ring last year with Fleetwood Mac tickets. My boyfriend wrote “You can go your own way, you can call it another lonely day, but I’d rather you go to junior ring with me.” So he basically changed the lyrics of the song to fit the situation, and that is also a good bet on how to ask someone. Everyone likes music.
Running puns
I have these two friends that are dating each other and they are both runners. The amount of running puns I have used with them is insane when it comes to asking each other to dances. They all have involved posters, and one involved setting up signs on Ward Parkway as one of them was running by.

I also broke into my boyfriend’s house to ask him to prom, but I wouldn’t recommend that unless you are super close with your date. That could go really, really wrong.

Well, I hope this helped you out. Just remember that food, songs, and TV shows are all good ways to think of phrases and puns suitable for asking people to dances. Despite all of this fancy stuff, there is absolutely nothing wrong with shooting your date a text. Do whatever the heck you want, ladies.