The Doughnut Lounge is made for the perfect snack

Doughnut go breaking my heart: head to the Donut Lounge now.


illustration by Ellie Grever

by Victoria Cahoon, Staff Writer

After hearing about The Donut Lounge I knew, already by the name, that I had to try it. As soon as I walked in, I was impressed by how upbeat the place was. Located in Westport on Pennsylvania Avenue, The Donut Lounge provides a modern style that is perfectly mixed with the surrounding shops and restaurants.

I went with fellow sophomore Kara Kanatzar and we both had trouble trying to pick which donut we wanted out of the huge selection. Finally after much consideration I ordered a red velvet donut with a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate tasted homemade and flavorful, the donut was perfectly sweet, not too sugary but not boring or plain at all. Both were exceptional and I highly recommend it.

The donut was a work of art and tasted wonderful, but they don’t only have just regular donuts. The selection of donuts they have are divided into three parts: Classic, Signature and Noduts. Classic consists of Glazed, Old fashioned and everything you’re already accustomed to. Signature is also a donut but with a little bit more of what you’re used to,  like an Apple Fritter, S’more, and even red velvet. The last type is a nodut, which is part entree and part donut, for example Granola and Yogurt which is a buttermilk donut with local yogurt, berries, granola.

The Donut Lounge is the perfect place to hangout and eat a snack but don’t expect a meal. It’s also a very busy place, so if you go at a busy time, service can be slow. But overall the experience that The Donut Lounge provides is great. With wonderful food, a great staff and a nice setup The Donut Lounge is worth a try.