Bridget Jones’s (Travel) Diaries: Kansas City

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by Bridget Jones, Social Media Manager

We all want to be able to splurge on monthly vacations around the world, but for most of us this is just not financially possible. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars each month to get out of town, why not spend sometime exploring your hometown? Here’s how to be a tourist in your own town.

Have photoshoots

Grab a few friends and your camera or your iPhone and just start exploring. Around KC there’s a few iconic places people tend to take photos: Liberty Memorial, the Cross Roads and the Plaza, but don’t be afraid to explore some lesser known places like Kaw Point, the West Bottoms and the East Bottoms!


Try a new restaurant

We all know the feeling– you’re hungry, but you have no idea what to eat! You think and think, but usually end up at one of the usual places like Panera, Chipotle or Winstead’s. Don’t! Try something new. Here’s a few options I’ve tried: The Mixing Bowl Noshery located near the Crossroads, Columbus Park Ramen Shop located in Little Italy near the river and Pigwhich in the East Bottoms.


Splurge a little

I know I just praised staying in town as being cheap, but sometimes you deserve it! Spend a night at a local hotel like the Westin at Crown Center or InterContinental Kansas City At The Plaza and you’ll really feel like you’re on vacation!


Do what the tourists do

Hit up all the basics in one day like you’re from out of state and it’s your first day in Kansas City. Start at the Plaza and make your way to the Liberty Memorial, Union Station, the College Basketball Experience, Power and Light and finish off the day by watching  sunset from Kaw Point– a day well spent with good friends.


Until next time travelers.