Bridget Jones’s (Travel) Diaries: Inspiration

Are you feeling un-inspired or bored? Read on to find out how to cure your winter blues.

by Bridget Jones, Social Media Manager

Dear Diary,

The days are long and cold and everyone wishes they were anywhere but here. Whether you would rather be at the beach or skiing in the mountains, I can pretty much guarantee you would rather be somewhere other than KC. However, since it’s January and you really have no excuse to go on a vacation, here are some ways to inspire yourself to to be more motivated and dream of your future trips.


If you don’t have a Pinterest account, I suggest you get one. It is a great tool to organize your thoughts, dreams, aspirations and overall life. You can have boards for anything and everything from your dream wedding to writing tips to college dorm life and especially travel. There are thousands of pins dedicated to travel. There are travel tips like how to pack a carry on for a 13 day trip and the top 16 places to travel in 2016. If you are ever feeling bored or uninspired, just scroll through Pinterest and I promise you’ll be dreaming of perfecting the perfect top knot or flying or the Grand Canyon in no time.

Create an inspiration board

Instead of keeping all your photos and dreams online, why not create a literal board that you can hang on your wall for inspiration? You can print out or cut out photos of anything that inspires you! Quotes, photos of places you want to travel, outfits, etc… This is an actual tangible piece of inspiration you can look at everyday.

Follow travel blogs

Trust me, there is no shortage of travel blogs out there. A few of my favorites are, and

So next time you’re feeling bored and you just want to find your wanderlust, I hope this list helps you. Until next time travelers.