STA STEM Art Class

Art teachers attend STEM/STEAM art class at the Kansas City Art Institute.


STA recently acquired three MakerBot 3D printers. photo by Maddy Medina

by Jeannie O'Flaherty, Staff writer

Computer design teacher Kelly Scott and art teacher Lisa Dibble plan to attend a STEM to STEAM art class at the Kansas City Art Institute in November. They hope to apply what they learned to form a new type of art class.

“I am hopeful that 3D printing will also be explored,” said Dibble, who also hopes to learn as much as she can about the integration of STEM approaches and artist’s materials.

STA is putting together a STEM/STEAM classes for the summer with the hope of attracting grades 4-8 as well as high school age students to our campus. This KCAI class offers hands on STEM projects specifically for these age groups.