Icon honors former principal of student affairs, sesquicentennial anniversary

Theology teacher Matthew Bertalott organized the selection, purchase and mounting of a St. Teresa of Avila icon in the front entrance of M&A.


by Mackenzie O'Guin, Design Editor

“St. Teresa of Avila is our namesake,” STA president Nan Bone said. “But for Mary Anne Hoecker, a scholar and an educator, St. Teresa of Avila was a role model.”

Even after her passing from breast cancer Dec. 30, 2014, former principal of student affairs Mary Anne Hoecker’s legacy is still carried on in several ways–most recently, in the form of a St. Teresa of Avila icon hanging in the front entrance of M&A.

“The icon ties together the sesquicentennial anniversary of our school and Ms. Hoecker’s many years of service,” STA theology teacher Matthew Bertalott said. “It was the coming together of a number of factors. ”

Bertalott orchestrated the funding and creating of the icon in Hoecker’s memory.

“I sent out an email to the faculty and staff saying, ‘I would like to propose an idea for a memorial in honor of Ms. Hoecker. If you agree, please contribute.’” Bertalott said.

According to Bertalott, the icon was ordered from Monestary Icons for about $1,000. The faculty voted on a quote they felt well personified Hoecker.

“The icon says, ‘It is Love Alone that gives worth to all things,” Bertalott said. “We felt this well-encompassed Ms. Hoecker’s spirit and the school’s mission.”

The icon and the the memorial plaque were mounted over the summer. Bertalott believes the icon will serve as a constant reminder of Hoecker’s spiritual presence.

“Ms. Hoecker’s presence is felt in so many way,” Bertalott said. “Her presence is felt in Dr. Baker, in the students, in the teachers…and, now, in this icon dedicated to her memory.”

Bone agrees that the icon will preserve Hoecker’s presence in our school for years to come.

“I think the best thing about the icon is that all the next generations of students will stop to read about this principal and come to ask, ‘Who is Ms. Hoecker?’,” Bone said. “Then, we can always keep telling her story.”