STA choir holds fall concert

Upcoming October show marks the first concert held by new director Steven Perry.


STA choir students pose in the commons after a concert.

by Elsa Feigenbaum, Sports Copy Editor

The STA choir will be holding their fall concert Oct. 6. While the event is the first choir concert this year, it is also the first STA choir concert led by new choir teacher Steven Perry. According to junior choir member Lilly McGonigle, they have been preparing for this event since the second week of school.

“Usually the first choir concert is really exciting and everyone has a good time,” McGonigle said.

McGonigle also says she looks forward to seeing the differences between Perry and Monsma reflected in the show.

“I am really excited to see the other choirs perform,” McGonigle said. “I just think it will be really interesting to see how Mr. Perry has gone about teaching the other choirs versus how Monsma taught them.”

According to McGonigle, she sees Perry’s approach to the concert more perfectionistic than previous choir teacher Greg Monsma’s. She says this year Perry is focusing more on quality versus quantity, performing 2 song with the choir instead of the 2 or 3 performed in previous years.

“He’s just focusing really on cleaning everything and making sure we really understand the pieces we are given,” McGonigle said. “More of quality versus quantity.”