Almost Southern: Teresian Dos and Don’ts

Here’s what not to do when planning for Teresian. Trust me, I’ve had experience.


by Meredith Mulhern, Staff Writer

Greetings! Welcome to another edition of my blog, which will probably stress you out this time around. But, whether we love it or hate it, it is officially homecoming season!!!

I love homecoming and Teresian. I love dress shopping, I love figuring out plans, I love taking pictures, I love it all. Well, most of the time. Sometimes, we manage to screw things up for formal dances. I kid you not, I have a recurring nightmare about not being prepared for a dance. So, to avoid the stress and tears, here’s what NOT to do when planning:

1). Don’t make a group text. Seriously, that’s just asking for drama. You get nothing decided in group texts, and it’ll just blow up your phone. However, guys tend to be more dramatic than girls in group messages, so if you wanna try it, then go ahead (we had a bad experience for Rockhurst junior ring).
2). Don’t spend too much money on hair and makeup. I got my nails done for sophomore Teresian and for junior homecoming, and honestly, I should’ve spent that money on something much more productive. Seriously, do your own nails the day of. You’ll save at least $30, which can be used for a trip to QuikTrip and Chipotle. If you stink at doing nails, have your friend or your mom do it (no shame).
3). Don’t let the boys plan anything. THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO ANYTHING. I cannot stress that enough!!! Seriously, if you get asked to homecoming and you plan on going to Teresian, you’re basically planning two dances. If you ask your homecoming date what the plans are, he will say “I don’t know” 99 percent of the time. Make your life easier and decide everything for them. If you don’t, it will be the day before the dance and you still won’t know where pictures are (that happened to me. It’s not fun).
4). Don’t forget your boutonniere if you bring a date. Out of the five formal dances I have been to, I have forgotten to get a boutonniere until right before the dance every. Single. Time. For those of you who don’t know, boutonnieres are the little annoying flower things that you pin onto your date’s suit. Odds are, you won’t be able to get the pin on right, so your mom will have to pin it on your date for you (again, no shame).
5). Don’t freak out if you don’t have a date. Date or not, Teresian should be fun. Boys don’t even dance anyway, and dancing around with your friends all night is much more fun than babysitting a date.
6). Don’t be late to pictures. lol when you take pictures an hour and a half late because your group has fifteen couples in it and no one is there on time!!!! Which leads into my next topic…
7). Be careful with mega groups. It just makes everything harder. I mean, it’s doable, but it can be difficult when figuring out plans. The smaller the group, the easier the planning.
8). Don’t stress over the after party. Literally, just find a place to have it and don’t do anything dumb. That’s pretty much all that needs to go into after parties.
9). Don’t show up to a dance inebriated. ie, intoxicated, high, hammered, wasted, drunk, whatever you wanna call it. You will get caught and it’s not classy.
10). Don’t stress too much. Teresian and homecoming should be fun, not the opposite. What happens before and after the dance doesn’t have to be perfect, just focus on having fun with your friends.