The East Bottoms is an up and coming area of KC

The East Bottoms features a restaurant and general store that should be more appreciated by Kansas City locals.


The Bee Sweet ice cream cart sits outside Urban Provisions, inviting locals to ice cream and shopping in the East Bottoms. photo by Bridget Jones

by Bridget Jones, Social Media Manager

Driving past casinos and trailer homes, one would never expect to find a quaint sanctuary for shopping and eating located at the corner of Guinotte and Montgall. Located in the East Bottoms on a single block is Urban Provisions General Store and the food truck Pigwich. Neither establishment seems to belong in this location, but they fit together perfectly.

East Bottoms

Located about 10 minutes east of the City Market on the river is a small area of Kansas City called the East Bottoms. Although the East Bottoms is nowhere near as well known as the West Bottoms, I believe that in a few years it will be just as popular an area.

As of now, the East Bottoms consists of Urban Provisions General Store, Pigwich, a butcher shop, The Local Pig and an ice cream cart, Bee Sweet Ice Cream. The area surrounding the one block of commercial business is filled with truck stops, trailer homes, casinos and railroad tracks, none of which promote the business that the East Bottoms deserves.

The East Bottoms has potential to become the next big thing in Kansas City, similar to the Crossroads and Westport, but only if locals give it the attention it deserves.

Urban Provisions General Store

Urban Provisions General Store is the quintessential local store. It sells everything from locally made KC t-shirts to soap. It even features it’s own botanical bar with succulents for every plant lover’s taste. Everything in the store is made locally or nationally in order to promote the American-made product movement.

Urban Provisions is absolutely adorable and is the perfect place to pick up a new shirt for a Royals game or check out new accessory pieces for your bedroom. They promote local art and businesses with bulletin boards for customers to put their business cards and posters on. Urban Provisions is definitely worth the short out-of-the way drive to the East Bottoms and deserves much more credit and publicity than it already has.


Next to Urban Provisions is Pigwich, a food truck that serves only a few menu items, all at great quality. I had the double cheeseburger with housemade chips and it was mouthwateringly delicious. The chips complimented the burger perfectly and it came with a drink, making the combo only $8, that’s the same price as a Chipotle burrito bowl, except at Pigwich you’re supporting local business and local people with a passion.

The East Bottoms is a neighborhood that deserves more credit. Next time you’re looking for a place in KC to explore, skip Westport and the Plaza and head down to the East Bottoms for a great afternoon filled with adorable shopping and a delicious lunch. I can only hope that in the next few years the East Bottoms expands into an area that STA students lust over to get their senior photos taken and enjoy a lunch out with their friends.