Science classes begin extensive projects

The Forensic Science and Advanced Biology classes begin multiple projects.


Some science classes will use the new 3D printers this year in class. photo by Maddy Medina

by Alexandra Frisch, Page Designer

With August over and the month of September under way, many of the science department’s classes are starting multiple projects.

According to science teacher Renee Blake, her Advanced Biology classes have begun getting ready to go to the Kansas City Zoo to begin their annual animal projects. Students will form groups and study an animal that can be found at the zoo.

The Advanced Biology students are also beginning labs that will teach them more about pH balanced, specific heat and endothermic/exothermic reactions, according to Blake.

Another science class working on multiple projects is the Forensic Science class, a science used to find evidence in criminal investigations. According to Blake, the class has just begun doing labs using dusting, lifting and super glue fuming to find fingerprints. They have also begun work on their CSI movie project, in which they will attempt solve a fake murder created by Blake for the sake of the class.