STA Cribs: Egner’s new room

Because Mike Egner only teaches College European History and AP World History now, he has been given a new office, and he teaches in Windmoor.


Mike Egner sits in his new office in the basement of the Donnelly building Sept. 2. photo by Maggie Knox

by Maggie Knox, Editor-in-Chief

Dart: Where is your new room?

Egner: It’s actually the old social studies book room, which is D007 and ½. It’s right next to Papineau’s classroom.

D: How big is it?

E: I’d say it’s about 10 feet wide by 18 feet long–big enough so that not only I can do work, but so that seven students can come in here during Activity period and do work or study. And, we have room for all of the books and equipment for the social studies department.

D: What happened to your infamous collection of bobbleheads, art, posters and other trinkets?

E: All of my bobbleheads, save for the Monica Lewinsky figure, as well as most of my wall art, I gave to the Nicaragua mission trip students. They had an auction and they auctioned it all off to raise money for their trip, and they raised $2300. Everybody benefitted from it and helped the Nicaragua mission trip.

D: How do you like this new office? Is it weird not having a classroom of your own?

E: Well, the office is fine. It’s air-conditioned, and now I have my microwave and mini-fridge in it. It has all of my teaching stuff and DVDs in it, so it’s fine. And, I’ve got a phone now for the first time, and they’re going to put some more electrical outlets in here. But, I miss my old classroom, [G016], because I now teach my classes in Windmoor room B. I’m not real fond of teaching in Windmoor room B, because I can’t take my stuff over there and leave it. So, everything I want to use over there, I have to carry over or leave it in one of the janitor’s closets. It’s so austere. It’s so sterile. There’s no personality in the room, except for the students. 

D:  What does this room change mean to you in terms of your time at STA?

E: Well, since I am teaching part-time, and we had to hire another full-time person who needed a room too, so something had to go. So, I was the likely one to move, and it was okay, because I had been in that room for probably 15 years. Change happens all the time, and you just have to kind of deal with it. And, you may not like it, but change is part of life, so it’s okay

D: What else do you have to say about your new room?

E: One of the reasons I like this new office is because it’s right next to where my former advisees are now in their new advisory, so I can see them all the time. And that’s the best part, because I miss my advisory very much, and because they’re all such good kids.