Cell phone and detention rules updated

New school rule policies created to produce a more conducive environment for learning.

by Helen Wheatley, Opinion Editor

New rules regarding cell phone usage and detentions have changed this year in order to generate a more constructive disciplinary system for students, according to principal for student affairs Liz Baker.
Detentions have become equivalent to the new idea of a level zero Student Behavioral Report, a decision Baker says she and the administrative team made in order to better monitor students’ small misdemeanors. Baker is interested in mentoring and working with repeat offenders of the more commonly broken rules, which she states as the main reason for this change.
“I’m looking at ‘What’s the best case scenario for students?’” Baker said.
In addition, cell phones may now be used during activity and free periods, but may not be used during passing periods or in advisory. The cell phone is a practical part of everyday life, something Baker says she doesn’t want to be lost at a college preparatory school.
“It would not make sense to say ‘Turn off your cell phones during the school day,’” Baker said. “It’s the practicality of, you’re advancing in age…this is our culture, this is our climate, it’s business-like. Why maintain a rule that isn’t going to make sense for college or career?”
These new rule changes have been well received so far, Baker believes.
“I think the reactions have been very good and positive and I’m open to talking to people about it,” Baker said. “I want to be an advocate for students.”