The Worst of 2014

The worst movies, songs and trends of 2014. Let’s leave these behind while going into the New Year.

by Bridget Jones, Social Media Manager

by Bridget Jones

2014 was filled with some great moments in film, music, fashion and internet trends, however there were some down sides. From disappointing movies to overplayed songs to offensive accessories here is a list of the worst of 2014.


That Awkward Moment
I was expecting a hilarious movie filled with some shirtless Zac Efron scenes, what did I get? A love story, about single New Yorkers. The movie was not funny, nor awkward. It was overhyped and over-advertised and the movie itself wasn’t even subpar. I will not be watching this when it comes out on Netflix.

The Penguins of Madagascar
Madagascar is a great movie. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is a good movie. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted is an okay movie. Do you see a trend? The movies only got worse and worse. If this is the case then why did Dreamworks feel the need to add another entire movie about some side characters? The answer? Money. There was no mention of past characters in the Penguins movie, but there were new characters added and it just felt like an obvious ploy of Dreamworks trying to squeeze more money out of the idea of Madagascar. Better luck next time Dreamworks.




Anything created by, featuring  or involving Pitbull
How many songs including Pitbull were overplayed on the radio this year? Too many. “Wild Wild Love” feat. G.R.L., “Mmm Yeah” feat. Austin Mahone, “Fireball” feat. John Ryan. This guy was everywhere. Seriously. Pitbull, I’m sorry to say it, but I’ve had enough of you. I hope to hear less of you in 2015. I’m sure you’re a great guy and all, but I’m just over it.

“#selfie” by The Chainsmokers
This song was fun and funny at first. It made light fun of the selfie generation in a way that was easy to appreciate. The music video was funny. However, then it was overplayed and I realized how truly bad the song. It is five words repeated over and over with a monologue of a girl complaining to her friend about her night. It is repetitive and overplayed. Unfortunately this is the kind of song that will be featured at our 20 year class reunion, so I guess we’ll just to live with it, but first let’s take a selfie.

“Rude” by Magic!
“Rude” is as overplayed as all of the songs on this list, but that’s not the only reason this song made the list. It just doesn’t make sense. The lyrics tell the story of a man asking his girlfriend’s father if he can marry her, the father says no, and the man proceeds to ask the father why he is so rude. That’s it. That is the entire song. That’s all I have to say on the topic.

“Buckwild” by 2VIRGINS feat. Taylor Caniff
Taylor Caniff cannot sing. This song is a mess. I can’t understand what is going through someone’s head when they claim to like this song. It’s a about a party that gets a little, you guessed, a little too”buckwild.” This MAGcon alumnus is trying to get more money out of his “career” that shouldn’t even exist in the first place. I can only hope that I never hear this song again. Ever.


Fashion Trends


Bright leggings
Now leggings are one thing. They are a wonderful creation that I wear 6 out of the 7 days of the week, however please stick with the blacks and grays. I don’t want to see someone walking down the street wearing neon pink or galaxy print leggings. It is not cute. If you want to add some color try bright shoes or a floral top, but please not the leggings.

Bindis and Native American headdresses
These two accessories have had entire articles written about them. To sum all theses articles up: it is not okay or cute to wear accessories that other cultures wear for religious or other reasons. Some people may think they are are honoring the cultures, but they aren’t. It is using cultures serious beliefs and turning them into something fun and cute to wear to a concert or party. Let’s leave this trend in 2014, and never, ever make it a thing again.

Maybe its because I’ve gone to catholic school 14 out of the 17 years of my life and had to wear a plaid skirt to school 100% of the time, but plaid should not be something that is worn in a public place for the purpose of looking fashionable. It makes me uncomfortable when I see celebrities sporting the good ole’ Tartan, or the countless items sold at Forever 21 covered in plaid. I hope and pray that I will see less Tartan outside the STA campus in 2015.


Internet Trends


From planking to Harlem Shaking to cats we’ve seen it all in the past few years with internet trends. 2014 was no different with the excessive amount of viral internet trends including self-obsessed teenage boys and weird body part addictions.

My first question is why. Why would someone think it was okay to allow teenage boys to be famous for one thing: their looks. We don’t need anymore people in our society getting fame and money off of their looks and cocky attitudes. Yes, Magcon featured Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Jack & Jack and the others in 2013, but they just didn’t go away in 2014. Some of the boys even have their own clothing line now and that just makes me question what teenage girls think our world is about.

We get it you have nice eyebrows. Please stop saying they are on fleek. Yes, we are happy for you that you have a strong eyebrow game, no, we do not want to hear about it everyday on Twitter. In conclusion, please stop being so obsessed with the hair above your eyes. Thank you.

Alex from Target
This kid’s life is completely blown up. He was just working his minimum wage job one day, then boom, he’s “internet famous.” This is just another example of how the internet blows things out of proportions and makes people famous for LITERALLY NO REASON.

Maybe it’s a shortened version of “babe” or an anagram for “before anyone else.” Whatever it is it should stay in 2014. Stop saying your boyfriend is bae. Stop saying Netflix is bae. Stop saying pizza is bae. Stop saying your dog is bae. Stop saying bae.


So ladies and gents, but mostly ladies, 2014 was a great year, but we did have our rough spots. Let’s try to avoid weird body part obsessions and making people famous for no reason in 2015 and we’ll have a great year ahead of us, but before I let you go, let me take a selfie.