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Molly Coble: Dancing with a smile on her face

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This audio interview is part of a series completed by STA journalism students who sat down with middle school students from around Kansas City.  We hoped to find out the realities of middle school life, from dating to cliques, from playing violin to playing volleyball.  The series was inspired by Ira Glass’s public radio show This American Life and its episode “Middle School.”  Please check back each day for the next few weeks to listen to another installment.

by Emily Coble

Seventh grader Molly Coble has been dancing at United Dance since she could walk, but then stopped when she was in first grade. She recently resumed dancing, and is enjoying it a lot; she may try out for the dance team when she gets to high school.

“I really want to join a high school team, but I mean I’ll try to get on it, but if I’m not good enough I’ll just stick with United Dance.”

At United Dance during the year, all dancers have the option of performing in the recital for the two songs they practice during the year. Although there have been many somewhat humorous mishaps over the years, Molly looks back fondly upon performing and is excited to do it again this year.

“I really like waiting to perform, actually, because it’s really nerve-racking but then you’re just like, ‘Ooh yay!’”


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  1. hannah murphy on February 5th, 2017 12:36 pm

    hannah is cool and yea


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Molly Coble: Dancing with a smile on her face