Sister, Sister: Favorite Things (Christmas)

Sister, Sister: Favorite Things (Christmas)

By Allison and Natalie Fitts

It’s now December, and we’re kicking off the Christmas season! We’re dividing our Christmas cheer into three parts, starting with this week’s Favorite Things — Christmas edition. There are so many great things about the holiday that it is hard to narrow it down to favorites. However, our conjoint favorite thing is checking our stockings on Christmas morn. Allison will write in orange and Natalie will write in blue.

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I find it odd that we have always looked forward to little trinkets from the Target “Dollar Spot” more than our actual presents. Once you think about it though, who wouldn’t look forward to tubes of mini M & M’s, colorful underwear and iTunes gift cards?

I always like to tell people my favorite thing about Christmas is looking in my stocking because I think it makes me seem like I appreciate the little things in life. But, in the end, it’s still materialism. Nevertheless, I love stockings. Some of my most useful presents have come from my stocking–a watch, toothpaste, headbands, and lots of Hershey’s Kisses. Simply put, my stocking=pure joy.

When it comes to my personal favorite Christmas thing, I originally wanted to choose Christmas cheer. People are happy, nice and all around pleasant around this time. However, Natalie vetoed it for being too “stupid” and “cheesy”. When it comes to non-stupid and non-cheesy Christmas things, I choose Christmas movies as my favorite. The best two are Elf and A Christmas Story, true holiday classics with jokes to spare. Our family has bonded over these movies and has become tradition to watch both of them every year around Christmas time.

First off, you offered up the word “stupid,” and I simply agreed. Honestly, I have grown pretty tired of both of these movies (even though they rock!), but tradition is tradition and I respect that.

You are right in saying that “tradition is tradition”, but that is a matter for next week’s blog about Christmas traditions.

My favorite thing about Christmas is the Christmas food. There are so many awesome things that for some reason we only make at Christmas time. The first, and most important, is the Honeybaked Ham that gets placed in front of me Christmas afternoon. I never really look forward to Thanksgiving because I’m not much of a turkey gal, but Honeybaked Ham makes me one happy lady! I love it so much that one year I’m pretty sure I ate a family-sized serving. Then come the glorious desserts! Peanut butter blossoms, Mexican wedding cookies, sour cream sugar cookies, chocolate crinkles and the infamous ice cream snowmen. I could go on all day.

I have to applaud you on your selections. I wish I could choose a favorite kind of cookie, but they are all just so darn good! We will have to talk mom into making these lovely things more than just once a year.

Congratulations to everyone for making it through the first semester and good luck on your finals! We will continue to post our blog for the next two weeks, before taking a couple weeks off during break. Until next time, see ya sistas!

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