Music should be allowed in school to tune out surroundings, tune in homework

micahWhile sitting in Mr. Sirridge’s room this past week for a free, I asked him if I could listen to my iPod while doing homework. I was really surprised, and a little offended, when he told me “Um, I dont think so.  Nice try.”
“Why not?!”
“Are those allowed?”
“They should be!”
Today, teens are ultra multi-taskers.  We check our facebooks while doing homework while texting our best friend while listening to music while watching the news on mute.  Sometimes I don’t even notice when I do it; that’s how great of a multi-tasker I am.   In fact, I’m such a multi-tasker that too much silence has become distracting.   I’ve become accustomed to working on homework with my peers talking around me, with music playing, with the TV on.
Music is one of the best methods I use to concentrate.   Whenever I’m in my room doing homework, music is always playing from my computer, from my iPod,  from my CD player.  Now, for example, I’m listening to Neko Case, a beautiful, mellow singer/songwriter.   It not only helps me focus, but it relaxes me as well, especially when I’m listening to slow, acoustic music.
If music is proven to help today’s youth concentrate, why are iPods and other MP3 players not allowed at STA, in the library, in silent study or in (most) teachers’ classrooms?
Some teachers, however, have begun to catch on.  Many, like Mr. Fast, Mr. Whitney, Mr. Thomas, and Ms. Rietbrock (that I’ve noticed), have created music/homework-friendly environments, in which they play music while students study and work independently or in small groups.
If the administration would allow iPods and MP3 players on campus, many students, and even teachers would benefit from listening to music while working.
Allowing students to listen to music would also be extremely helpful for those with learning disabilities, or those who use alternative learning methods in this day and age.
When I walk into my room, the first thing I do is turn on my iHome.  When I start my car, before pulling out of my driveway I pick a radio station or pop in a CD.  Maybe it’s just that I’m somewhat of a music fiend…  For those of you who don’t surround yourself with music 24/7, maybe you wouldn’t benefit from listening to music while studying.   For those of you who do revolve your life around music, wouldn’t it be nice to be sitting in a free, listening to your iPod, doing your homework and tuning out your surroundings? Sounds like utter bliss to me.
By the last half of the mod Mr. Sirridge finally let me listen to my iPod, but only after asking if other teachers actually let students listen to their MP3 Players.  For some reason he was surprised when I said yes.  My argument was that it helps me focus.  “Well, I guess you can then…”   I think he finally caved because he realized that music does the same for him.
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