Martina Florido: Trying to save her class from bullying


This audio interview is part of a series completed by STA journalism students who sat down with middle school students from around Kansas City.  We hoped to find out the realities of middle school life, from dating to cliques, from playing violin to playing volleyball.  The series was inspired by Ira Glass’s public radio show This American Life and its episode “Middle School.”  Please check back each day for the next few weeks to listen to another installment.

by Cassio Florido

In today’s society, cliques and bullying are gaining more power each and everyday in middle school classrooms. As many young middle school students feel the effects of cliques and bullying while at school, I began to see the impact first hand in my own house.

I asked my younger sister, Martina Florido from the 7th grade class at Cure of Ars, her opinions on this topic. After a long discussion about the cruel teasing and broken friendships, she is convinced that cliques and bullying are tearing her class apart.


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