Sidney Furlong: Roses are red, violets are blue; her middle school romance debut


This audio interview is part of a series completed by STA journalism students who sat down with middle school students from around Kansas City.  We hoped to find out the realities of middle school life, from dating to cliques, from playing violin to playing volleyball.  The series was inspired by Ira Glass’s public radio show This American Life and its episode “Middle School.”  Please check back each day for the next few weeks to listen to another installment.

by Sabrina Redlingshafer

Sidney Furlong, a 7th grader at St. Ann’s school, describes herself, between giggles, as “funny, nice and popular”. The peppy, easy to get along with 13 year old is a well-rounded middle child of three; an overall good athlete and student.

Like many other middle school tweens or teenaged girls, she has a fanatical crush on the dreamy heart-throb, Justin Bieber. But perfect-haired Justin Bieber is not the only boy that catches Sidney’s attention. She is among four other girls in her 7th grade class with a boyfriend.

Sidney proved her chill and mature personality as she described her first experience with a boyfriend, “except for when I was like three or something,” Sidney said.

She shared the joys, concerns, and all the in-betweens of her middle school relationship with “funny, tall, and pretty” boyfriend, Tommy.


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